Four Hour Classes:
There is a mandatory 24-hour cancellation notice without exception. If you cancel a class and it is a small class the entire class will be canceled, therefore, there are no credits with less than 24-hour notice. There are no refunds. We will give you a credit for another class with 24 hours written or verbal notice. There is a possibility that the location of your class may change to a nearby park. If you are in a small class please be aware of this and try your best not to change at the last minute so we do not have to cancel a class. We don’t like to have to do that so please be considerate of the others in your class. Four-hour beginner classes level I need a minimum of 4 students to run but we sometimes we will run them with 3 people based upon our discretion. Please email us at to request a change.

Payment in full is due for all 4-hour beginner photography classes. There are no refunds only credits to take another class should you cancel a beginner photography class. If we cancel due to rain you will have a credit for any class.
A $500 deposit is due to reserve your spot for a tour.
Final Payment:
Due 8 weeks prior to any tour.
By Check via mail:(must be received within 10 days of registration)

Credit Cards:
There is a 3% charge for all classes over $100.00 paid by credit card. To avoid these charges please mail us a check to 171 Main St. Spotswood, N.J. 088841
Extra Eyes Photo Tours: In the event that Extra Eyes Photo cancels a “tour” you will receive a 100% refund. Please be that we need a minimum of 4 per photo tour. We sometimes run the tour with only 2 or 3 participants. Please purchase travel insurance in case your class is canceled.

Participant Cancellation: In the event that you cancel your tour reservation 90 days prior to the tour start date you will receive a 100% refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.
If you cancel 60-89 days prior to the tour start date you will receive a refund minus a $100 fee.
If you cancel 31-59 days prior to the tour there is a 75% refund. There are no refunds 30 days prior to the start of the tour
Please be aware that it is your responsibility to meet at our predetermined location by a specific time for the start of our tour. If for any reason you are delayed you will be responsible for catching up with the group at your cost. It is unfair to delay the entire group. We do suggest arriving in the area of our tour locations the day before our start date.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance for your trip.

Please be aware that our registration form changes format on the website and in some areas deletes spaces in the copy.

To reserve a spot on our tour:
1.  Download and read our registration form and Terms of Service.
2.  Go to our contact page and register for your tour.
3.  Mail, email or fax your enrollment form to us.
4.  Pay your $500 deposit within 10 business days.

To reserve a spot in our local one day workshop or 4-week class please call us at 732-821-0915