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June 2023 Dates TBA

Luxury Private Jet Photo Tours – Exotic, Remote Locations

 Photo Tours & Workshops

Join us on a photo tour or workshop across North America or at different international locations. Fly commercial or go on one of our private jet photo tours.

Your instructor, renowned, international award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer will teach you everything you need to know to create dynamic photography. You can view her photography in her magazine, Photography Magazine Extra.

In our workshops and photo tours, you can learn how to create award-winning photos and shoot like a professional. You will also develop your vision for your photography and take it to the next level.

We bring you to the ideal locations with the best subject matter and teach you to get outstanding images on site. We guide you, ensure you get the best possible images and receive one-on-one instruction on location. We also discuss critique and learn in between our on-location shoots. You will come home with an abundance of knowledge, and you will practice to perfection.

We will help you learn and get familiar with your camera features and gear. You will come home with a complete understanding of many new photography techniques, new friends, an incredible portfolio, and experience an adventure you will never forget.

All Private Jet Photography Tour participants will receive a FREE Think Tank Camera Bag to bring on the photo tour. Our staff all have Think Tank Camera bags. Since we will be taking our gear on helicopters, it’s essential to have the perfect camera bag.


Beginner through Advanced Photography Lessons

What you will learn:

  • Camera Settings
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Metering Modes
  • Focus Modes
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Milky Way Photography
  • Trick Photography & MORE!
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Photography Tours  & Workshops

Learn photography from internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer.

Our photography classes are the perfect way to learn how to take stunning photos. Pamela Goodyer and her instructors will teach you everything you need about composition, lighting, and camera settings.

We offer classes for all levels, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a class for you. We also offer photography tours if you’re looking for more hands-on experience. These tours will take you to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

We offer private jet photography tours for those who want to take their photography to the next level. These tours give you access to exclusive locations only accessible by plane and helicopter. Get photographs no one has ever created before!

Learn light painting, long exposure, alien photography, waterfalls, milky way, trick photography, and everything in between.

Individual Photography Instruction


Regular price $100 per hour – Holiday Special $70 per hour.

We can also conduct zoom lessons. Book your photography instruction for any late afternoon, night, or weekend.

Get individual one-on-one photography instruction with an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer. Your instructor is also the director of photography for a motion picture. She also owns Photography Magazine Extra, where your best work will be published after your lessons.

Purchase a package of hours to be used before July 1st and receive the discounted rate of $60 per hour.

Personal Photography Guide/Tours

Don’t see what you are looking for? Don’t like groups? Do you want a personal guide to a location? Just email us. We will teach you photography anywhere you would like to go. See our work in Photography Magazine Extra. Get an idea of where you might like to go to our Photography Hot Spot Location Pages. We will travel anywhere in the world.

Photography Classes – What You Will Learn

Beginner Photography Class

We will teach you all about White Balance, ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speeds. We will go over when, why, and how to shoot in aperture and shutter priority modes. We will cover shooting in manual mode along with manual exposure compensation. You will learn how to control your depth of field and background. We will teach you everything you need to know to get you out of auto mode if you are new to photography. If you are more advanced, we will go over what you already have a grasp of (one-on-one) and teach you from there.

We will teach you the difference between Matrix, Spot, and Evaluative metering. Then, we will discuss when to use them to your advantage and practice using them in the field.

AF-S, AF-C, AF-A, MF. You will learn what they are and when and why to use them to create sharp, crisp images.

We will learn about color, composition, angles, texture, backgrounds, lines, subject matter, and what makes a dynamic image. Your instructor is an international award-winning photographer and will teach you everything she knows in this area.

We will go over all the cameras’ settings and help set your camera to your desired settings after we learn what each setting does. Everyone has different preferences, but not everyone knows how to change settings and what the camera can do. Things you may want include highlight alert, image rotation upon review, release the shutter without a card, AF assist beam, noise reduction level, and much more.

We will discuss and practice taking your photographs to merge the photos’ post-processing to produce large-sized panoramic pictures.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) We will discuss and practice shooting in a high dynamic range where we take multiple exposures of the same image to merge the photos to get perfect exposure throughout the image.

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY/LONG EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY/ MILKY WAY PHOTOGRAPHY. We will also be doing night photography to create dramatic images. We will go over star trails, painting with light (bring your flashlight), and long exposures for things such as WATERFALLS. You may be tired at night, and it will be arranged to join the group at night or rest and relax after a long day of photography at the hotel. Your choice! Our staff members don’t stop working throughout the tour. (Except for sleep, of course)

Something you may not find anywhere else!

HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN PHOTOGRAPHY. We will have a group discussion and discuss the opportunities to make money in photography by selling your images online or starting your own photography business. We will cover school portraiture, weddings, pets, sports, family portraiture, commercial, real estate, hospitality, accident scene, product liability photography, and more. We will go over the start-up costs, potential profits, how to price your services and work, which labs to use for printing, working out of your home, setting up your business, taxes, employees vs. independent contractors, and more! We have a wealth of knowledge in this area, and you can take advantage of our extensive experience.

Photography Business Consultation

Would you like to start your own photography business?

We can consult you from start to finish. How can you gross $10k in one day in high-volume photography? Where will you make the most money? See our Photography Consultation Page Here.   Do you also need life coaching along the way? We combine life coaching with photography consultation if required.

We can teach you absolutely everything you need to know about School Photography, Sports Leauge Photography, Wedding, Real Estate, Event, Portrait, Pet Photography and much more.

We can build your website, make your logos, start your marketing, create your advertising material, show you how and when to advertise, how to go door to door and everything you can imagine!

One of Pam’s staff will put you in business quickly and easily.

Learn the Preschool Photography Business

Earn $100,000 a year working seasonally while you travel the rest of the year doing photography.

Extra Eyes Photo Tours

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