Gold King Mine and Ghost Town

Learn photography by day and Ghost Hunt by Night.

Ghost-Hunting-Jerome-Arizona Grand Hotel

In 1988 The Jerome Grand Hotel was the Verde Hospital. It is said that 9,000 people died here. We are pretty convinced this is why it is so haunted. This is a stop on our tour where we will ghost hunt in the night hours to connect to those whose souls remain or visit us on this side.

In 1950, United Verde Hospital was abandoned. Its caretaker took his own life sometime in the 1980s. In 1996 the hospital was renovated into the Jerome Grand Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in the United States, if not the world.

The town once had 15,000 residents and earned the nickname “The Wickedest City in the West” from people dying in gunfights, mining accidents, drug overdoses and other oddities. This may be another reason why the city is filled with apparitions.

With its four hundred or so residents, Jerome is currently an artist/tourist community very well known for celebrating its apparitions who reside here.

As you enter the eerie ghost-hunting tour, find yourself thrust into an abyss of darkness and fear. Test your limits with international award-winning photographer/psychic and navigate through a hallowed realm of photography horror. Challenge yourself to witness the most ethereal entities from beyond and capture them in their true form!

Feel the chills running down your spine as each of these ghastly apparitions makes its presence known to you. The daring adventure will be unlike any other you have ever experienced, even in your dreams.

Don’t forget to bring along your tripod to master the art of long-exposure trick photography as you bravely embark on this haunting weekend full of terror and thrills. Join us now for this ghost-hunting experience that will take your breath away. Hopefully, NOT literally.

We will visit the Original Mining company cemetery, which is over 100 years old, and do milky way photography.

Be right back getting more errie details for you.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for the beginner photographer and or ghost hunter who wants an abundance of instruction to take photography skills to higher levels to the advanced pro who wants to fine-tune their skills. There will be group and one-on-one instructions to ensure you get the most out of the photography instructions and ghost-hunting lessons.

You can come along for the fun of ghost hunting or you can bring a DSLR camera or a regular point-and-shoot to capture images or bring all your ghost hunting gear if you are a seasoned pro.

This workshop is for those who understand we are all energy, and when we leave this physical realm, we transition to the other side or want to learn more about this.

It’s for people who want to have fun, enjoy life, and understand that destressing, meditation and having an attitude of gratefulness are keys to health and happiness.

We will spend our first arrival night Ghost Hunting, our haunted hotel where we will stay.

The next day, we will discuss/learn/practice photography at The Gold King Mine and Haunted Ghost Town. That late afternoon, we will dine at the Haunted Hamburger, our favorite Jerome Arizona Restaurant, and then hit the town at night for more Ghost Hunting.

The next day, we will explore the hinterlands of the town while immortalizing its eerie beauty. We must rest well, however, as we venture out at night to capture eternity in pictures. Led by sinister Pam, we will contact the other side and reach out to the local phantoms with our cameras.

The tour includes a two-night stay, photography lessons, ghost hunting and an otherworldly thrill – learn to tap into a higher plane and interact with entities from beyond! Learn photography techniques while creating a bridge between this world and the next.

Some of our Adventures in Ghost Hunting and Photography

You can read some of Paranormal Pam’s adventures in Photography Magazine Extra, our sister website, where you will get your best work published after the tour. Our Salem Adventure is one of our Favorites.

You can also read about our last Adventure in Jerome, Arizona, one of the most haunted towns in the U.S.A.

Here are some details about the Gold King Mine Haunted Ghost Town Photography Day with some of our favorite images.

We are currently arranging our accommodations at one of the three most haunted hotels in the town. Our price included accommodations, double occupancy, photography lessons, Gold King Mine entrance fees, and dinner at the Haunted Hamburger (no alcohol included).

Jerome Arizona Ghost Hunting and Photography Tour is going to be a blast!

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